Church Life

11am - Morning Service

We meet every Sunday morning to celebrate what God has done, and to give thanks to Him.   We also meet to deepen our faith, and to reach out to others.  Our Sunday messages are available online-  check out our sermons page for more.

6pm - The Table 

Most months, usually on the first Sunday, we hold our shared meal around Communion.  We call this The Table, because we can bring whatever we have to the table, and share it with one another.  If we come with nothing, there is always plenty to go round- no-one goes home hungry!  Crucial to this gathering is Communion, the sharing of Bread and Wine that Jesus commanded his followers to continue.  We believe amazing things happen at the Table.. and that our own generosity is a pale reflection of God's incredible love!   All are welcome. 

In the Week

Thursday 10am-  Morning Prayer

A weekly meeting where we use scripture and the Holy Spirit to guide us as we pray, combining written prayers with open prayer as we seek God’s will for our fellowship and our community.

Home Groups

Home groups are environments where we can grow in our faith, have fun, get to know each other better, and join God on Mission.  Whatever we feel about life, we can find encouragement and support from others in our groups as we follow Jesus. Our groups in person and also virtually.   

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